Are you interested?

I believe this is most popular application made for dating on Facebook, and it’s basically very straight forward: you see a picture of a girl and you press “yes” or “no”. If you press yes, she will see your picture and you will get a notification – you have a match! Go to the search bar in the upper right and search for the application:

are you interested for facebook

Once you install it, you have the option to show news about matched etc in your news feed. Untick this box! No need to let everybody know you’re turning into a Facebook dating machine. If you can’t find this box, then get the application and then go to:

  1. “Applications”, lower left corner
  2. “Edit”, in the top of this menu pane
  3. “Edit settings” from the list of applications
  4. Tick “never publish stories….” in the box.

This is important – one of biggest drawbacks to the dating applications in my opinion.

dating application facebook

That done, we can finally move on to the dating itself – here we go:

Unfortunately, there are some things you must set yourself in order to get hits from your own region so let’s run through the settings one by one:

Go to settings:

In settings, you will have the option to add more photos. Do this, and pick some good ones

Fill out “about me”, “Activities” and “interests” if you feel like it – probably a good idea, but don’t overdo it.

Fill out the basic info and remember to put in your city.

I believe you’re ready to browse members!

This ought to be easy, but you still need to change a few things. Remember to set the geo-search to “your region”, check your age preference is correct and, very important, that you search for “all members”. If you go for online now, you will get people from all over the world. If a little cyber flirt is your thing, then this is perfect. If you actually want to meet up at some stage and don’t really want to travel 10 hours by plane, I recommend you keep your searching within city limits. Note that you may get hits from around the world at first, as these have clicked “yes” on you and therefore are awaiting you. Once you’re through these, you will get results from your region.

And now the fun begins – click! When you’ve clicked, you wait until they click back. If they click “no”, you will not hear anything. If they click “yes”, you will get a notification and you will see a number next to “matches” as in the picture above.

Having a “match” does not mean you should go start the car to get condoms. It means you can start flirting and letting her know you’re funny, smart etc.

This of course is all down to personality, but I’ll tell you what works for me:

I get a match.

I go to “matches” and next to their picture, you can press “send gift”. You have many different choices, most of them totally lame. Me – I always take the ostrich and send it with a question so that they have something to back to me with. Example: my match is wearing sunglasses – I wrote. “Hi XXXXX. Here’s my special gift for girls who always wear sun glasses. Are you one of those that wear them inside as well??”.

If she doesn’t reply – oh well. If she does, you keep commenting on her picture by sending other free gifts. Or, even better, send her an email (via Facebook) and once she answers to that one, you can check out her pictures.

After the match is found, I have a set of routines I normally ask – if you want some inspiration for things to talk to girls about, then you know where to go;-)